Our Team


Bill Cody Founder

Bill is is the Founder and the Owner of General Shopping Store. He loves to learn about the latest Economical news from all around the and share it before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 802-386-3903
Email: [email protected]

Casey McMorrow Editor

Casey is the Editor at General Shopping Store. She tries to provide our readers with everything they need to know about our Business World.

Phone: (+1) 802-381-5293
Email: [email protected]


Danielle Sylvia Reporter

Danielle is working as the Reporter for General Shopping Store. She tries to find everything new going on in our Business world and provide it to our readers.

Phone: (+1) 802-381-4291
Email: [email protected]


Gloria Bushey Author

Gloria Bushey is the Author working at General Shopping Store. She tries to keep our readers up-to dated with the latest on-goings in the business world.

Phone: (+1) 802-382-6936
Email: [email protected]


Salvatore Borea Writer

Salvatore is the Writer at General Shopping Store. He loves to write about the latest news in the Business World so our readers can stay ahead.

Phone: (+1) 802-381-5729
Email: [email protected]